My Funnel Script

Funnel scripts are essential for anyone desiring to sell more products, courses, coaching services and other services online.

What if all content necessary for selling your products and services online was Practically ''done-for-you?''

Well, here's some great news...

Now you can obtain ALL the high-converting web content templates you’ll ever require to market your items online, consisting of…

Grab Your High Converting Full Sales Funnel Templates Now

Introducing My Funnel script


Here's Some Recent Customer Feedback...

"All-round professional and friendly service. I am very happy I purchased it a month ago. I love customer support. Thank you, My Funnel Script Team."
Hua Han
"I start with My Funnel Script, but the support is fast and professional, great product! It's great to have copywriting tools to increase conversions. Amazing service, amazing software, well done."
Barbara Smith
Support service manager
"My Funnel Script is the best with some precious benefits, especially if you're like me and are just learning to sell online. You won't be disappointed with their service. I can guarantee it!"
John R. Bilodeau
Veterinary Technologist
Grab Your High Converting Full Sales Funnel Templates Now

"It's Like Having A Professional Marketer 'On-Call' 24/7..."

Let Me Guess...

Here's How Easy It Is

Step One
Instantly download "My Funnel Script" to your computer.
Step Two
Enter a few details about your products or services.
Step Three
Start obtaining more traffic, leads, and paying customers without needing expensive copywriters or a degree in marketing!
Grab Your High Converting Full Sales Funnel Templates Now

Here are all the awesome Done-For-You Templates You Get Today For only $37...

Part 1...

Facebook™ Ad Templates

You obtain 4x high-converting Facebook™ advertisements, including a Long Copy advertisement, a Lead Magnet advertisement, an eCommerce ad, and a Retargeting ad.

These ads have led to thousands of dollars in revenue, so you know they’re tested and proven to get great results!

Value = $249
Part 2...

Landing Page Templates

You get 2x proven landing page templates, excellent for growing your email list by giving away a free lead magnet like a free report or free video training. These landing page templates have been my “go-to” landing pages for years, and now they’re yours.

Value = $249.00
Part 3...

Sales Page Templates

Save yourself time & money by making use of these 3x powerful sales page templates. Why hire a costly copywriter when you can utilize these templates instead? All you need to do is insert your information – and boom, your high-converting sales page content is ready in minutes.

Value = $399.00
Part 4...

Webinar Email Sequence

Get your hands on this incredible sequence of 5x-ready webinar emails.

You will get 1x webinar announcement email, 1x reminder email, and 3x follow-up emails to sell your products and services.

Value = $149.00
Part 5...

Order Bump Templates

Order Bumps are an excellent method to boost your sales by offering free products on your checkout pages.

You will receive 3x bump offer templates with examples to copy. These include bump offers for coaches, e-commerce stores, and course creators.

Value = $59.00
Part 6...

Upsell Page Template

The upsell page is one of the essential web pages in your funnels. Without it, you’ll struggle to run paid advertising like Facebook™ Advertisements or Google Advertisements since much of your income will come from the upsells. I’ve spent years refining this upsell sales copy, and now you can use it yourself.

Value = $149.00
Part 7...

Thank You Page Template

Thank you! Pages are often overlooked. This one is different.

Why? Since you utilize this thank you page template, your subscribers are not only made to feel welcome and unique. You’ll likewise be able to make some $$s since it includes a high-converting sales letter template to plug your products or services into.

Value = $99.00
Part 8...

Welcome Email Sequence

These 5 “fill-in-the-blanks” email templates are the best way to build trust with your new subscribers and start making more sales.

You obtain a “Welcome” email, a “Story” email, a “Testimonial” email, a “Content+Pitch” email, and a “Case Study” email.

Value = $149.00
Part 9...

Nurture Email Templates

Providing great content and real value to your subscribers is super important. That’s where these 2x Nurture emails come in.

Just add a few pieces of information about yourself and send them to your list to see your email engagement go up!

Value = $99.00
Part 10...

Sales Email Templates

Sales-based emails are the heart and soul of your email marketing. I’m giving you 9x different sales email templates to send to your list!

Here's what you get:

The “Coming Soon” design template, the “Direct Promo” design template, the “Objection Handling” design template, the “Free Trial” design template, the “Discount Offer” template, the “Upgrade Offer” template, the “Special Offer” template, the “Flash Sale” template, and the “Free Resource” template.

Value = $299.00

But Wait, That's Not All! You Also Get...

Part 11...

Product Launch Email Sequence

We’ve all listened to the stories of product launches where people make thousands of dollars (and sometimes millions!) over a few days. Well, now you can do your product launches with this sequence of 4x powerful ‘sales-boosting emails.

Value = $149.00
Part 12...

Abandon Cart Sequence

Nothing is worse than making all the effort to get someone to your shopping cart page. To have them abandon the cart at the last minute.

Well, here’s some excellent news! Add this sequence of 3x Abandon Cart e-mails to your autoresponder and watch sales skyrocket.

Value = $149.00
Part 13...

Affiliate Email Templates

Among the best ways to enhance sales is to make even more deals to your email checklist.

If you only have a handful of your products or courses available, you’ll quickly run out of offers.

That’s where these affiliate promo emails come in! Just find a great affiliate product you want to promote, and then use one of these 3x powerful affiliate promo email templates.

Value = $149.00
Part 14...

Blog Post Templates

If you’ve ever sat down to write a blog post for your website, you know what the dreaded “blank page” feels like. Yikes!

Luckily, I’ve taken all the hard work out of it for you with these 12x responsive blog post templates. Just enter a few details about your products and services, and copy and paste the article onto your website. It’s easy!

Value = $199.00
Part 15...

Social Media Templates

Last but not least are these convenient social media templates.

As you recognize, frequent posting is key to social media success. However, continuously coming up with new web content can be difficult.

That’s why I created these incredible social media templates!

In this module, you’ll get 50x social media to post templates for Facebook™, Twitter, and any other social media platform you use. You’ll never need to stress about what to post on social media again!

Value = $249.00
Grab Your High Converting Full Sales Funnel Templates Now

Here's My Famous 90-Day "Just Take A Look" Money Back Guarantee!

My guarantee is simple.

Download the entire “My Funnel Script” today and try it yourself. Let me know if you don’t see an immediate boost in new leads, clients, or customers. I’ll be happy to refund your money. No questions asked. Or keep it longer.

I know the fairest way to prove to you how effective “My Funnel Script” really is! Please keep it for a full 90 days. Even then, if you don’t continue to grow your brand or business, or you’re not entirely thrilled – for whatever reason – just let me know, and you’ll get an instant refund.

Your Special FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Sales Funnel Mastery

Discover how to create very effective sales funnels with this extensive training course.

You’ll learn everything you want about funnels, including what technology to use, when to use a funnel vs. a website, and much more!

Includes BONUS action guide, planning checklist & funnel marketing cheat sheet.

Value = $99.00
Bonus #2

The 10 Essential Profit Generating Funnels...

Value = $Priceless

For coaches, consultants, course creators, and internet marketers.

Suppose you’re unsure how your marketing funnel should work or what elements you must include when marketing your products or services. In that case, these useful funnel maps will reveal precisely what it should consist of.

These are the ten essential funnels you need to succeed online, and they include:

Bonus #3

101 Winning Email Subject Lines

Your email subject lines can make or break the success of your emails.

Get it right and have high open rates throughout the day. You’ll get it wrong and struggle to sell your products or services via email.

Luckily, I’ve compiled 101 of the BEST email subject lines ever written so you can easily copy, paste and send!

Value = $99.00

Don't Miss Out! Get Everything Today For Just $37...

Hurry, Special Discount Offer Ends Soon!
Grab Your High Converting Full Sales Funnel Templates Now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Exactly Is "My Funnel script"?
"My Funnel Script" is a collection of hundreds of pre-made, 100% "fill-in-the-blanks" templates for every STEP of your marketing funnel.

You will receive all social media posts, blog posts, Facebook Ads, Email sequences, Product launch sequences, Landing pages, and up-sell pages. PLUS every other piece of marketing web content you'll ever need to launch or grow your business online!

Open the template on your computer, add a few details about your product or service, and you're ready to go!
Why Is It Only $37?
The price for "My Funnel script" usually is $497. But as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, I'm giving them away for the special price of only $37. Of course, I can't afford to promote it for long at this price, so grab it now while you can!
Who Is "My Funnel script" For?
The "My Funnel Script" is explicitly designed for anyone who wants to sell more of their courses, coaching, consulting, agency services, info products, events, webinars, and pretty much everything online!
If I Use The Templates, Won’t My Content Look The Same As Everyone Else?
Good question!

While the fill-in-the-blank templates are 99% ready for you, the content changes to be unique when you add your details.

Plus, you can edit the templates in any way you want and add your flavor to make them match your existing content.

(And the reality is this there are just so many different templates included that you can't use the same combination of templates in your funnel as someone else).
I Don't Use ClickFunnels, Will This Still Work For Me?

"My Funnel script" gives you ready-made templates for all your marketing content, so thankfully, it's independent of any funnel platform.

You can use the design templates with Clickfunnels, WordPress, ThriveThemes, Leadpages, Kartra, GrooveFunnels, or whatever platform you use.
When Do I Get Access To All The Files And Bonuses?

You get instant access to all files and bonuses as soon as you complete your order.

PLUS, all files are neatly organized and labeled so you can get started right away
How Do I Get Help If There's Issues With My Purchase?
We are here to help you succeed!

Just send us your questions through our support page, and we will respond within 24 hours.
What If I Decide This Isn't For Me?
No problem at all, because our famous 90-day money-back guarantee protects you!

Download the entire "My Funnel Script" today and try it yourself. Let me know if you don't see an immediate increase in new leads, clients, or customers. I'll be happy to refund your money. No questions asked. Or keep it longer. Maintain it for a full 90 days if you are such as. Even then, if you don't continue to grow your brand or business, or you're not entirely thrilled - for whatever reason - just let me know, and you'll get an instant refund. That's the fairest way I know of to prove how effective "My Funnel script" really is!

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Grab Your High Converting Full Sales Funnel Templates Now