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What is a Product Launch Email, and Why is it Essential?

A product launch email is an advertising message to inform your customers about launching a new product or feature. It is a type of newsletter that you use to inform your customers about something new, an update, or a change in your business.

There are numerous kinds of product release emails you can send, but we’ve selected the five most effective ones you can try:

New product release emails: You can send them to reach out to your potential customers and let them know about your new release.

New feature announcement emails: They are often exciting news for your existing customers. Such messages also boost customer confidence when they see that your company is constantly improving.

Beta announcement emails: These emails entice the right people to sign up and help you recruit early testers. Beta testing allows you to release your software to see if customers like it or not.

Pre-order announcement emails: If you offer a limited-time pre-order campaign, customers will feel pressured to place their order before the release date. They’ll like it if they’re the first to receive your product launch announcements.

Emails were announcing events or webinars: With a compelling email invitation to an event with detailed information about location and time, you can ensure that your target audience will attend.

Some other popular product launch emails promote things like limited editions, updates, and new policies or security measures.

Why is a product launch email important?

Companies tend to focus more on developing and manufacturing new products. In doing so, they put off the work of marketing, which is critical to the success of a new solution. 80% of new product launches fail for this reason. For this reason, a well-crafted product launch email is a must for any company.

People sign up for emails because they wish to know what’s coming next. According to data, 50% of consumers purchase at least once a month because of a marketing email. Therefore, the company should send them announcement emails regarding new products, events, or changes

Also, product launch emails are a great way to retarget customers and increase brand awareness!

Reasons for sending emails during a product launch

If you introduce a brand new product or service and have subscribers on your website, you should email them. Even if they haven’t purchased your previous service or product, you can email them to let them know about the launch.

That is a great way to promote new services/products.

The most important reason for creating an introduction list is to promote your service or product to the right people. You can gauge the level of engagement and interest in your product before launch, saving you time and money. By sending emails to a list you’ve created in advance, you can target and engage specific demographics of contacts.

It helps you manage leads

You can draw on these leads when you want to launch a new product or service. When problems or issues come to your attention, it’s an excellent opportunity to provide help and support.

It’s easy and cheap

Once you set up an email list, you can send free emails to people who have signed up. However, social media marketing comes at a cost and can also be time-consuming if you are starting.

It’s measurable

You know when you send an email, how many people open it, how many click on the links it contains, etc. Of course, you can do this with social media, but only with the most popular networks like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s flexible

You can reach your customers whenever they want. You can send an email at any time because you don’t need a unique app or platform that may not be available in your customer’s country or region.

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Best practices for product launch email sequence

A single email will never be enough, and in most cases, you will need to combine an email sequence and some in-app messages with success.

Following these best practices will help you immensely

Your text should focus on one CTA only

Your CTA is important, and it’s critical that you only have one – that’s right, one.

A great CTA grabs the user’s attention and encourages them to take action, but you’ll only confuse, overwhelm, or annoy them if you ask them to do more than one thing.

Use authentic product images to showcase product features

Show instead of telling, words are essential, but you can’t deny the power of images. Images can be powerful in driving engagement, setting the tone for your product, and showing your product’s functionality.

  • Avoid block text and use contrasting colors to stand out.
  • Make sure you have a consistent design and stick with your brand.
  • Your brand’s design, colors, and logo are what your customers will recognize you by.

Making sure your introductory email includes these elements will show your customers that it’s you contacting them. Still, a consistent design will help build trust – all of your marketing materials should be instantly recognizable.

Include a relevant email subject line

The subject line of your product announcement is important because it’s the first thing your customers see.

It should grab their attention – because if the subject line isn’t interesting or relevant to you, they’ll ignore the product announcement email campaign! I know I do.

Sometimes something as simple as “exciting news” works wonders!

Add a personal touch to your email

Personalizing your emails is an easy method to increase the engagement rate of your product launch email campaigns.

Going to the trouble of inserting the customer’s name in the subject line or adding emojis shows that you value the customer as a person and not just as a consumer, but also that there are people behind the brand. It humanizes you and gives your brand a personality.

Refrain from spamming and be responsive to user preferences

Spamming customers is never a good idea. Period.

It’s annoying, often irrelevant, and will cause customers to ignore your emails or unsubscribe altogether.

Instead, follow user preferences. There’s no point in sending a user a product launch email announcing a brand new shared calendar feature if the user has already told you they work alone.

What are the advantages of a product launch email?

Here are some of the benefits of sending this type of email message

The best way to make customers want to buy your new product is to build anticipation and hype before the launch.

  • A product launch email excites customers and makes them curious to try new services or features.
  • Product launch campaigns bring the attention needed to make your solution a success.
  • The product launch email maintains the momentum going and gets people talking about it.
  • This email can show customers how the newly launched product will help them.
  • Product launch emails increase the value of your products and your overall business performance.

What are the critical stages of a successful product launch email campaign?

Below is a 3-step process you can use to introduce a new product to your customers via email

  • Create excitement: Get your contacts curious and pique your customers’ curiosity with a teaser email. You can send this first email 10-15 days before the launch.
  • Announce the release date: Share your product’s name, images, and details, and inform your subscribers about the launch date. You can send this second email 4-5 days before the launch.
  • Time to launch! Successfully launch your product and send the third email: It should contain a call to action for your contacts to place orders and sign up for your product or service.

Later, you can remind your contacts again about the product release if they missed your email for some reason.

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Below are some ideas to inspire you as you design your product launch email

How to develop a product launch email sequence?

  1. Use high-quality, engaging product images. Compress your image to maintain the file size as small as possible. Can also use animated GIFs to grab attention.
  2. Choose a vibrant background color that enhances the mood of your email.
  3. Apply brand design by using your logo and brand colors. They are your visual identity!
  4. Divide the newsletter into different sections to digest the information quickly. Include all the essential information in your email and answer each question.
  5. Include CTA buttons several times, preferably at the beginning and end of the email. The shade of the CTA button should be bright so that it is noticed first.
  6. Include social media icons so your customers can share the news if they find it interesting. 
  7. Personalize your product launch emails to increase the open rate. You can personalize both the subject line and the content of your email. 
  8. Speaking of which. Use attractive email subject lines for the product launch campaign. You can also use emojis to make them distinctive.

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