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How To Write a Sales Letter

From Indeed Editorial Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Email Writing sales letters is one way to reach consumers directly. Sales letters must contain certain elements that will help convince customers to invest in a product or service. They should be personal and informally worded to invite the reader to learn more about an offer. This article will explain what a sales letter is, how you can write a sales letter, and what a sales letter looks like, for example.

What is a sales letter?

A sales letter is a written offer designed to bring in potential clients. The objective of a sales letter is to reveal to the customer how they can benefit from your business. When a consumer thinks about how their needs can be met, they are less fixated on the idea of closing a deal, which can lead to a sale.

Sales letters are a kind of direct marketing that can be effective when written with persuasive techniques and compelling content. Businesses use sales letters both online and in print. They allow companies to establish a personal relationship with current or potential customers.

How to write a sales pitch to attract customers

Objectives of a sales letter

  • A sales letter aims to persuade the reader to buy the product.
  • To introduce and market new products and services.
  • Reaching potential customers.
  • Expanding the market.

Advantages of sales letters

  • A sales letter is less costly.
  • Reaches a customer where a salesperson cannot.
  • Reaching multiple customers at the same time.
  • Easy understanding and availability of all details.
  • It is more convenient, efficient, and comprehensive. 

Elements of a sales letter


Here, the writer wants to draw the reader\’s attention to the letter\’s primary purpose.


This is the introductory paragraph. The introduction describes the product or service in detail. It also informs the reader about the cost, quality, savings, and other related information.

Body paragraph: 

This is where the writer builds credibility. The writer states the product\’s value, its difference from other similar products, a list of satisfied customers, the terms of the agreement, etc.

Call to Action:

In this section, the author asks for the reader\’s response and may express gratitude. It also includes various details like warranty, discount, etc. 

Tips for writing sales letters

  • Introduce ideas in a way that prompts the reader to take positive action.
  • Introduce yourself and the product well.
  • Be clear in what you are offering.
  • Choose your words according to the target audience.
  • Always use a headline.
  • Make the first sentence of each paragraph count.
  • Use fonts, font sizes, bullets, numbering, etc.
  • Use relevant statements that establish product credibility.
  • Appropriate closing sentences.
  • Correct use of salutation.
  • Correct and complete information about the product and its availability.
  • Always ask for attention, arouse interest, desire, and call to action.
  • A persuasive and straightforward tone.
  • Avoid creating confusion and uncertainty.
  • Avoid being clever and witty.
  • Include your name, signature, and other contact information.
  • Don\’t use fancy words or slang.
  • Revise the letter over and over again.

How can you make a sales letter a lot more effective?

Consider the following ideas when writing your cover letter to improve your content.

Use informal language.

A natural tone helps customers identify with your message and focuses on selling. Short, clear sentences and short paragraphs make you seem more human.

Keep the customer in mind.

Write with what you, the customer, would like to hear in mind. Make sure your words answer the question, \”What\’s in it for me?\” Organize your content. Make sure your ideas flow from beginning to end. Your letter should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

In addition to the written content, the graphic design is an integral part of your letter. One should complement the other. Maintain the design simple and in line with current trends. Include exciting visuals.

Sales letter development

Because sales letters are direct mail, they can be carefully tested on an ongoing basis to determine which version is best suited to convert readers into customers. Sales letters are usually developed in stages, with different elements split-tested. This allows the marketeer or copywriter to determine which headline, text, or graphic design converts best. It is possible to track additional variables on the web, such as open email rates, click-to-checkout bounce rates, etc.



Sales letters are a particular form of advertising to sell a company\’s goods and services. A sales letter is designed to get the customer to commit to buying a product or service, usually without any further action. Sales letters must arouse interest, sound persuasive, create a desire, and call the reader to action. Write in an upbeat, persuasive style, but don\’t be aggressive. Present benefits and advantages to the reader. Encourage the reader to respond – a phone call, a visit, a response on an attached form, etc.

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