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How to develop a successful video sales letter (VSL)

What if you guaranteed your video sales letter to turn visitors into leads and leads into paying customers? Here’s what you need to know.

Video sales letters are a popular way to generate leads and sell products online. And for a good reason. Research shows that 62% of people consume video content thoroughly, young consumers prefer video content to written content, and 53% of customers want to see more video content from brands they like.

Just under being video-based, VSLs can help you keep your audience’s attention, convert more visitors, and even connect more deeply with your target audience. But what exactly is a video clip sales letter?

What is a video sales letter (VSL)?

Before diving even more into the topic, let’s first understand what a video sales letter (VSL) is. It’s simply the modern version of a typical traditional sales letter, but one that revolves around a video instead of a lengthy sales text.

It’s not as dull as an extended sales text that buyers have to reach to learn about the sold products or services. An innovative and informative video can help keep the audience interested and makes our content visually appealing.

Create your video sales letter in three steps

Creating a video sales letter can be very simple. The bulk of the content you need is one or more 5-10 minute videos. Then you need to choose a sales funnel, publish those videos and drive traffic.

1. Select your sales funnel

The best method to get people to take action online is to use a sales funnel. While a website or single page can confuse visitors about what to do, a sales funnel encourages visitors to convert intentionally.

Check out the video sales letter funnel if you want to sell products. If you want to create leads, check out Squeeze Page Funnel, and if you want to host an event, check out Webinar Sales Funnel. And remember, you can turn any funnel into a video sales letter by replacing the sales text with sales videos. Once you’ve selected your sales to funnel, it’s time to record a video.

2. Record your video

There are many different styles of video sales letters. You can use your phone and take a shot while holding it in selfie mode, screen share, or do a more professional production.

Whatever you select, the important thing is that your video style fits your brand. At ClickFunnels, our style is pretty casual, so Russell Brunson films many videos where he talks into the camera with no script.

3. Generate traffic

The only way to create a successful video sales letter is to create it and drive traffic.

After all, your video sales letter has no chance of converting if your target audience doesn’t even arrive on the page. So this is an important step. And you should ask yourself this question long before you launch: How will you drive traffic?

How to use video sales letter funnel in your business

Many people think that video sales letter funnels do not work well. It is a pure misconception. Can make more product sales with video. Therefore, can use it very well in the business world.

You do business with different books, audio, video books, lectures, consultations. Then create a video sales letter beautifully with a product or service. Then you can say you have even more expensive ideas. They are much more effective than these.

The viewer will then sign up via email to receive your unique product. Not only that, but he will also provide you with his credit card information. It is an advantageous method. You can sell many products or generate leads just with video sales letters.

Use in E-commerce Business 

The E-commerce business has expanded tremendously with the advancement of technology. It can say that everything is now sold online. Nowadays, offline retailers have also moved to e-commerce to sell products.

That is because people are now addicted to the internet. Before they buy online, they want to see a good product review. By analyzing the features of a product in a video sales letter, you set yourself apart from the customers.

You introduce each product to the customer by analyzing it in detail in a video sales letter. Add a “Buy Now” option at the end of the video. Here, the customer can buy the product with information about their credit card, email, and phone number.

You can add upsell or down-sell if you want to sell more products. When they buy a product, you will find that they will get another valuable product for free. So, you can also benefit well from e-commerce business through upselling or down-sell.

Using Video Sales Letter Funnel in Business-to-Business

Business-to-business is a platform for many transactions. Everything offered on this platform is bought at a wholesale price. So you will make a good profit if you can sell a product here.

First, create a video that includes essential tips on competitor analysis, retail sales, and sales channel building. Also, explain why he can quickly sell your product after buying it.

You also mention the reasons why people will quickly adopt your product. All this is that you are giving a salesperson a kind of training video on how to sell on a B-to-B platform. Then the site visitor will think since you are giving training, he should start using your product.

You can offer an exclusive product when the video is over. You can tell them to click your next funnel to obtain more valuable tips like this. Have plenty of upsells and downsells ready there.

Use in affiliate marketing can be done without investing in a product

Just as you do marketing to earn for others, you entice others to earn for you. It is very similar to MLM marketing. Create a video sales letter about how you can earn with multi-level marketing.

Give all the exclusive tips in the video. Here you can use the squeeze page strategy. You can ask people to sign up by showing half of the video instead of the whole video. Everyone will sign up to see the rest in your video sales letter funnel.

So, if someone starts an affiliate based on the method you have shown, then you will earn like him. The more people join based on your recommendation, the more you earn. You can produce any other sales funnel by using the leads you get.

Use in professional service

You can also use this funnel very well in professional business. And it is straightforward to do. First, create a discounted video sales letter about your product or service. Providing a discount will not cost you in this kind of business. There is no investment in what you get from the service. That is, you don’t have to buy the product.

You are offering this service solely from your mind. But do not offer a direct discount. Offer a subscription condition to those who want to receive a discount. that will gladly accept your discount because most people are forced to use professional services.

They will buy the service and subscribe via email. This method is very successful in professional business because people can learn everything about your product from the video.

Retail application You need to write a video sales letter for any product to apply this funnel in retail. The work is not difficult at all. Create your video sales letter with the product specification, product usage, and quality information.

Then, in the final stage of watching the video, you can offer the viewers that if you want to get more valuable products like this at a discount, you need to subscribe. Since this is important for him, he will subscribe easily. Then give him the discount he deserves on the thank you page.

Besides, you can also have more exclusive products ready there. Many upsell downsell also take place from them. Because maybe people found what they were looking for on your thank you page.

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