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ClickFunnels: How It Works and Why You Should Consider It

As a store owner, you may always find ways to improve your online business. Have you ever heard of ClickFunnels? If yes, do you understand it? You may have wondered what ClickFunnels does for your business and how it can be used to improve your marketing efforts.

If not, then you’re probably here for the right reasons. Let’s take a look at what Clickfunnels is and see if it makes sense for your business. We’ll show you some of its main functions so you can get an idea of how it works.

This article is useful for those who want to sell, promote, and deliver products or want to acquire potential customers.

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What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online marketing tool for business owners who want to automate their sales process from start to finish. It allows you to keep each stage of your customer’s buying journey under control.

With ClickFunnels you can create regular websites, opt-in pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, webinar pages, and so many more things. Besides, it lets users create their own sales funnels with a huge number of pre-designed, customizable templates.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs use ClickFunnels to sell their products and services. Meanwhile, others use it to facilitate their potential customers’ generation campaigns for their online business.

ClickFunnels provides an all-in-one marketing solution, which includes:

  • Page builder
  • Web host
  • Content management system
  • Shopping cart
  • email autoresponder
  • Web analytics
  • Other marketing tools

How does ClickFunnels work?

ClickFunnels works very transparently. It allows you to create sales funnels that will convert visitors into leads. And it approaches them to get their attention until they become your real clients. It can help you manage your sales funnel by collecting payments and keeping track of how each page appears in your funnel.

Traditional tools require a lot of technical knowledge to get set up, but ClickFunnels makes it easy for anyone to start using them.

It includes all the features needed to create and run an effective sales funnel, which means that you can start making profits sooner.

ClickFunnels is different from traditional tools:

  • It’s easy to create a sales funnel that generates traffic effectively.
  • It lets you integrate the payment system and start collecting payments in a minute from every page of your site.
  • It offers advanced traffic analytics that helps you retarget your traffic so you can boost sales.
  • It allows you to send follow-up messages to your prospects to warm up their interest before they buy your product.

What type of funnels can you build with ClickFunnels?

You can choose from a wide range of funnel templates that have been tested and proven to convert visitors into leads. You can choose between free and paid options when picking a funnel type.

There are three main types of ClickFunnels templates:

  • Sales page funnels
  • Lead capture funnels
  • Event funnels

ClickFunnels provides an enormous library of funnels that help people create sales pages for their products or services.

Clickfunnels allows you to manage everything on one platform only. If you’re using numerous marketing tools to control each stage of the customer journey, ClickFunnels can support you better. It lets you design and checks the performance of your landing pages via a single platform.

Why should you create sales funnels for your online business?

Create sales funnels for online business

When selling in person, you need to approach the right leads, create relationships with potential customers, explain your products’ value, and encourage them to buy. When you sell online, all these tasks require designing landing pages, advertising, coding, and many more.

If you choose to use ClickFunnels, you’ll find no need to be a jack of all trades. The process of creating your digital sales funnels includes three steps:

  • You choose a pre-made sales to funnel template for your products.
  • You pick the page design style you like.
  • You can modify as you want, and then hit publish.

ClickFunnels is quicker and more effective compared to working with web designers to generate your funnel. Its plug-and-stay allows you to be ready in minutes, rather than taking time to describe your sales funnels to someone else.

And the most exciting thing is that ClickFunnels provides proven efficient funnels for any type of business. If you want to market B2B or B2C, sell some products or services, and acquire leads for your email list, ClickFunnels can be a good help.

ClickFunnels not only assists you in building your own sales funnels but also offers a wide range of extra features to optimize your pages and enhance other areas of your digital marketing.

  • Custom domain hosting
  • Templates for multiple sales pages (Order, up-sell, down-sell, etc.)
  • Email integrations
  • Several funnel types (Optin, sales, hangout, webinar, membership, etc.)
  • A/B split testing to optimize your page

ClickFunnels also helps you control your email marketing campaign from one place, including features:

  • List management
  • Autoresponder series
  • Triggered emails
  • Performance analytics
  • Email builder
  • Advanced segmentation

Some key features of ClickFunnels

1. Pre-designed sales funnels templates

ClickFunnels takes care of the heavy lifting for your business with its vast source of marketing and sales funnel templates. Whether you need a funnel for a product release or a membership website, you can choose among tons of proven and tested sales funnels.

The funnel templates are classified in terms of sales page funnels, lead capture funnels, membership funnels, and event funnels. Some common funnel templates are product release funnel, homepage, sales letter funnel, squeeze page funnel, invisible funnel, survey funnel, bridge funnel, lead magnet funnel, and more.

All funnel templates include pre-made landing page templates – both free and page – that you can freely choose to address your requirements.

2. Share funnel

The share funnel feature enables you to create and share a link to your funnel. Some people participate in the ClickFunnels affiliate program to gain some money. Others use ClickFunnels to create and share landing pages with customers. With share funnel URLs, you can receive a generous 40% commission if the visitor registers for ClickFunnels via your link.

3. Drag and drop editor

If you want an appealing landing page, ClickFunnels enables you to generate one or more for your business by using its funnel editor.

There’s no need for coding skills. ClickFunnels offers you 40 free templates to customize. Even if you’d like to build a landing page from scratch, ClickFunnels provides a drag and drop editor to support your building page.

4. Payment gateways

ClickFunnels enables you to accept payments at the end of your funnel without directing your customers to a third party. It provides multiple payment system integrations with Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, Stripe.

5. Email automation

ClickFunnels has its autoresponder, but it also works with third-party email service providers for accurate measures. Moreover, it also supports ConvertKit, Zapier, Drip, Aweber, MailChimp, and many more.

6. SSL certification

Most ClickFunnels websites and pages handle payments and sensitive customer information. ClickFunnels ensures all websites or pages generated by it are secure to protect both sellers and buyers from identity theft, phishers, and other attacks.

The easiest way to determine whether a site is safe from hackers is by checking its URL. If it begins with https://, then it’s safe. SSL certificates are always present on any ClickFunnels websites and pages.

7. Multiple domains

You can connect any number of domains and subdomains to ClickFunnels. You can use various ClickFunnels features for different purposes. Whether you want to create a sales offer or create webinars right from your website, without having to invest in premium themes or plugins like ClickFunnels, you can use them for free.

8. Tracking

ClickFunnels enables you to use its analytics tool to keep an eye on your funnel’s conversion rate, click-through rate, visitor count, and opt-in rate. This software provides you with an overview of your visitors’ activities on your dashboard. It makes it easy to track down sources and handle users.

What about Funnel Hacking?

If you’ve heard about ClickFunnels before, you may be familiar with funnel hacking as well.

Funnel hacking is an analytical campaign that helps you create better landing pages for your products and services. It refers to looking into your competitors’ sales and marketing processes, and then combining elements from them to create your own sales funnel. Russell Brunson suggests using this funnel building strategy when creating your fun­nels with ClickFunnels

Funnel hacking is about taking what other marketers implement and then making it better. You’re combining elements that work for your audience and split testing them against each other.

ClickFunnels helps you create funnels for every type of business. However, testing your ideas without any research is not effective. You don’t just look at one competitor’s landing pages, advertising, pricing, and email campaigns; instead, you aggregate them together and then split test them to come out with the best strategy for you.

Here are some steps to start funnel hacking:

1. Begin tracking your competitors

First, collect a list of competitors who target the same market as you by looking at their websites. These can be potential competitors who offer similar products or services to yours or direct competitors who sell similar products/services.

If you have a list of the websites of your competitors, visit them and take screenshots of their homepage. For example, you can sign up for their email list and start taking screenshots of their auto-responders. After visiting their site, you may see their remarketing ads on either the Display Network or Facebook (or both). You can screenshot these as well. More screenshots mean more knowledge about your competitors’ strategies.

2. List ideas and strategies to test out

You might want to consider their:

  • Site design elements
  • Content strategy (videos, blogs, infographics, etc.)
  • Copywriting strategies
  • Product positioning and pricing
  • CTA design, location, text, etc.
  • Landing page design elements

You’ll want to separate a few different things to change about your own sales funnel according to your own competitor strategy. Try out different things one by one, so you can test them and find what works best.

3. Revamp your funnel marketing

You can use ClickFunnels to make changes to your landing pages and sales funnels if you know which parts of your competitors’ funnels you want to copy. Use the ClickFunnels editor (or any other drag-and-drop page builder) to create pages for each sale funnel template you want to use.

There are some incredible funnel elements you want to “funnel hack” after conducting competitor research.

  • Home pages
  • Email sequences
  • Your backend product or service
  • Up-sell and down-sell offers
  • Retargeting strategies
  • Landing pages

4. Test, rinse and repeat

Once you’ve made some improvements to your funnel according to competitor research, you’re ready to generate traffic and test your new conversions. If you modify page elements to improve your funnel, you should use the click funnels A/B Testingfeature to find out which one works best.

final Thoughts

ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool to generate a constant stream of leads for your business. It offers you a lot of power to build marketing funnels without technical knowledge.

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